New Orleans French Bread

What started out as a small grocery store bakery in 1971 has
now grown to one of the largest bakeries in Louisiana.  Our
products are made the same as they were back then, but now
we have the capabilities to ship products throughout the
continental United States.  With a light, crispy crust, and a
soft airy interior, our products are sure to compliment any
meal, poboy, muffuletta, or sandwich you can dream of. 
Located in South Louisiana, the heart of culinary delights, our
bread has graced the tables of some of the finest restaurants
and poboy shops this state has to offer. As the second
generation takes over, we will remain a company that thinks
service is as important as the product we sell.  Our products
can be found throughout the state of Louisiana, and all across
the United States. With our semi-automated systems, we are
fully capable of providing your location with co-packed
products, as well as doing contract baking for all of your
locations needs.  Please feel free to contact us, or your
salesman for samples of any and all products you may need. 

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